Flaine Ski Area Improvements

Since Flaine first opened in the late sixties there has been relatively little investment in the resort infrastructure when compared to some of the other large French ski resorts.

This has now been radically addressed with the Neige Investment Plan which has optimised the ski area by focusing on the two vital areas of ski lifts and ski runs. The result is an improved visitor experience with rapid, comfortable uplift plus variety, speed and ease on the slopes.

The project has been carried out in a series of major phases that were completed in 2010.

Christmas 2006

The upgrade of the Aup de Veran lift is now in place with the introduction of the latest-generation Poma Diamond gondolas. These provide optimised cabin space, and high tech shock absorbers for maximum comfort.

A number of slopes have also been profiled to improve ski-ability including the Cristal and Belzebuth (top section) blue pistes and the bottom of the Diamant Noir black.

Christmas 2007

Flaine Aup de Veran Renovation of the Aup de Veran base station is now complete.

The stairway has been replaced with an easy access ramp and other interior improvements have improved both fluidity and practicality.

Pistes that have been profiled include the end of the Diamant Noir black and the Tourmaline blue. The latter serves as the link to the Grand Massif domain and as such can suffer from overcrowding and snow fatigue. This slope has been widened in such a way as to filter skiers of differing abilities and so improve the return to Flaine.

A new skis-on Foret-Forum link increases ease of access to Flaine Forum.

Christmas 2008

Two new chairlifts and a beginners area have been added in this phase. The detachable 6-seater, Tete des Verds, gives practical access to the left side of the ski area including the Diamant Noir, Faust and Emeraude pistes. Capacity is 3000 people/hour.

The Gerats ski area, consisting of 4 green pistes, caters for beginners and children. It is served by the fixed 4-seater, Les Gerats, which replaces the shuttle bus. It also improves the connection to Flaine Montsoleil and Hameau de Flaine.

Christmas 2009

With the replacement of the Bois draglift during the summer of 2009 access to this part of the resort is improved by the introduction of the Aujon fixed 4-seater chairlift. This complements the existing Aujon and Grand Grenier draglifts.

The important bucket lift that provides the link to Foret from Flaine Forum has undergone renovation in order to reduce congestion.

A new fixed 4-seater chairlift, La Foret, gives access to slopes at the western part of Flaine Montsoleil including the beginners area.

Improvements will be made to the artificial snow canon system through use of a new large non-drinking water supply.

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