Flaine Resort Flaine, core resort of the Grand Massif domain. A view down the valley over Flaine Forum from Foret. Flaine Grandes Platieres Flaine top station at Les Grandes Platieres. 2480 m altitude.
View from Flaine towards Chamonix Most of the pistes in the Flaine bowl are directly accessed from Grandes Platieres. Flaine Bowl View from Flaine Foret northwards across the bowl.
Sixt. Destination of the Cascades piste. The resort of Sixt nestles in a wooded valley. Destination of the Cascades piste, at 14 km one of the longest in Europe. Cristal blue piste towards Flaine Looking down the Cristal blue piste towards Flaine. The resort has an excellent snow record.
Flaine top station view There is a stunning 360 degree view from the Grandes Platieres top station. Mont Blanc from Flaine Mont Blanc (centre) is around 25 km from Flaine Grandes Platieres station.
Tete des Lindars station Amethyste green piste drag on the right with Tete des Lindars 2561 m station in the far distance. Flaine top station More views this time from the Mephisto Superieure red piste.
Flaine Stade Slalom piste View across the bowl from Flaine Foret with the red Stade slalom piste in the foreground. Flaine Serpentine Piste The start of the blue Serpentine piste. This leads to the famous Cascades.
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